ConSenxus produces the top analytical method:

EAFFFF – Electrical Field combined with Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow-Fractionation:

ConSenxus presented the world wide first commercially available AFFFF system in 1997. Ever since we continued to develop this analytical method. In 1998 ConSenxus offered the first commercial system for organic solvents. At the time we have two new AFFFF techniques in development. One new technique out of our development pipeline is the EAFFFF.

EAFFFF is a FFF that combines an electrical field and a flow field at the same time. A perfect device to determine size and charge of molecules and particles. After an elaborate research and development period on the EAFFFF this method is commercially in use since march 2011 eg. by the BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung).

Available in 2, 3 or 4 electrode versions of the channel. The temporal change of the electric field can be defined as easy as the cross flow function.

3D graphs of the peaks retention time as a function of the electric field, the flow field, or the molecular weight as well as many other variables are integrated in the software eg. temperature, pressure or concentration.

EAFFFF is now the most universal chromatographic method for all nano sized material. But even so the normal AFFFF stays a powerful instrument for nano analytics. It covers a wide range of GPC applications but has no upper exclusion volume.